There’s so much more to Estate Planning than just a well-drafted Will!

Death, incapacity or losing the ability to make the right decisions, could come to any of us at any time. Many of us will regrettably endure all three! The people you choose to pick up your threads, need a “road map” on how to deal with your affairs. This starts with their legal appointment, by actions you take in your lifetime….and just in case, the sooner the better.

Your affairs are more complex than you first recognise. And they will likely become increasingly complex through the natural cycles of your life!

Your Executors, Attorneys, advisors and beneficiaries need different things from your road map. Our Estate Planning for Life Process delivers them all, for whenever needed. Our 7-Step Process uses secure cloud-based technology to produce, with clarity, what we call your EPI-plan, to deliver on your testamentary aspirations. Your EPI-plan, beyond the formal legal documents we guide you to have prepared by your chosen solicitor, protects your beneficiaries from attack, inequity and unnecessary taxation.

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