GAfinance provides access to the most competitive finance providers in the country.

From a panel of over 100 lenders, starting with the BIG 4 banks, to emerging alternate nimble lenders prepared to lend to “less documented” borrowers, for example, those with lower equity cover, business startups with a good business plan, which translates as relatively higher risk, and naturally commands a higher borrowing rate.

No lender will advance “acceptable” finance without access to financial data (typically already safely saved within GowingAdvisory files) and confirmation of taxation compliance. Increasingly, the financiers are calling for our interpretation of this client data, to assess applicant serviceability.

It makes sense for GAfinance to be your advocate when borrowing or refinancing for:

Quotes we obtain for you will help keep all other prospective lenders alert. And notice that banks very rarely make contact to offer lower rates in a falling rate market, but they offer their lowest rates to new lenders, a structural penalty to long term loyal borrowers! So, it pays to check if there is scope to negotiate lower rates.

GAfinance can assist you in restructuring your financing affairs, to discharge expensive loans, consumer credit cards, inappropriate overdrafts or to help fund the expansion of your business, or your succession plan.

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