GowingAdvisory works closely with you to development and implement a cash flow management plan. The step by step process involves:

  • Cash flow planning session with you to determine assumptions for the forecasts in a cash flow model we develop, including opening balances, degrees of sophistication necessary, where and how data is to be accessed from  and who is going to see the reports generated.

  • GowingAdvisory will harness specialist software to received details using cloud technology from your Xero or MYOB data files to then build your cash flow report.

  • Initial forecasts will be presented to you to confirm the format, adequate reflection of seasonality, tweak the assumptions etc.

  • Based on your review of our model,  we will then develop it to demonstrate the profit improvement potential in your business.

  • GowingAdvisory to discuss with/brief your bank ,  as you require, on initial and recurrent forecasts to be generated.

  • Facilitate live data feeds to GowingAdvisory systems to generate regular cash  flow reports (weekly/monthly/quarterly) and importantly,  enabling us to monitor daily and highlight to you if  key target expectations  are not being met (over or under).

Our Services

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How we can help

Scenarios where your business may need help with cash flow

  • Request by bank – increasing scrutiny now from most banks e.g. ahead of any new lending proposal. Certainly when overdraft extensions are sought

  • Seasonal Business issues arise

  • Personal plans of proprietors require cash flow analysis to draw more heavily on the business account – e.g. family matters, tax payments etc.

  • Expansion plans – people, markets, products

  • Capital expenditure plans

  • Retiring equity partner

  • Refinancing proposal

  • Where you want/need to be in control, when others are less strategic about how cash is drawn and utilised

Our Cash Management Service is delivered as a specific engagement under a fee arrangement governed by our standard terms of business.