November 22nd, 2023 – 10am

Commonwealth Bank Branch Singleton

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Protecting your family wealth for your happy retirement and your chosen beneficiaries

Join us in person where SAPEPAA accredited and Board-Certified John Gowing (Director and founder of EPI-Centre) will provide you with the information you need to know to plan for the future of your business, your retirement and how to protect your estate for your family.

You have spent hard years building value in your farm and livestock –your life’s work and ultimately your legacy.

Is your property, your livestock and machinery and your off-farm assets safe from creditors, predators, death or divorce in the next generation?

Are these risks fully understood or managed?

Who could you ask? Who could you trust?

With a background of 40 years as a practising Chartered Accountant, supporting Hunter farming families, we know and understand why it’s complicated.

Here at EPI-Centre we capture the required underlying legal and financial expertise , matched with empathy, technology and Court-tested successful strategies, to design and deliver your bespoke succession, asset protection and estate planning solutions.

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